Jun 17, 2017

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Bicycle question

Bicycle question
“To buy or not to buy that is the question”

Riding a bike is easier and faster than walking

Agree, is not it? And if you are afraid of moving along the carriageway, I hasten to inform you that there is nothing terrible in this.

Riding a bicycle is more useful than public transport or car

As everyone knows, a bicycle is not only a means of transportation, but also a sport. A sport prolongs life and makes you feel much better than without it. Movement is life! In addition, riding a bike will make your legs stronger.

Using a bicycle, you do not pollute the air

As far as I know, one machine harms more than two thousand smokers. And 80 percent of all pollution in cities occurs precisely from cars. But even if it is not, in any case, some percentage of pollution from the car still issued.

Bike is not afraid of any traffic jams

Even if the gap between cars is too narrow or any skilled car owner decided to cuddle up to the curb, giving cyclists no chance, you can always go to the sidewalk and continue the movement as if nothing had happened.

So, your answer: ?

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Oh.. yeah
You can ride a bicycle, even if you do not have any money at all. You do not need gasoline, because the main engine for movement on the giant are the muscles of the legs 🙂
Only you and your good mood!