Aug 29, 2017

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Computer Monitors and their Types

Monitors are the output devices used in all computers. In earlier days, these monitors used to be very large and weighty. With the passage of time, a great revolution came in the field of monitors. Various kinds of technologies are being incorporated nowadays to gain more vivid displays. The size and the weight are also reduces a lot. Depending on the use of the computers, different monitors are common across the globe. These are available in different sizes, colors, and resolutions. There are four main kinds of display monitors being used in different fields of life. These are:

1. CRT Monitors
2. LCD Monitors
3. LED Monitors
4. Touch Screen Monitors

1-CRT Monitors

These are the monitors that use Cathode Ray Tube technology. Cathode ray tube is the vacuum tube that has electron gun and a florescent screen. The electron gun releases extreme energy electrons that make an image on the florescent screen. This technology was used in almost all the televisions. Nowadays, there are many CRT monitors being used at homes and offices. One of the most important reasons of their being used is that these are cheap and durable. These monitors have low resolution and brightness.

2-LCD Monitors

These are the monitors that are being most commonly used nowadays. These have liquid crystal display technology which helps in displaying more crisp images. There are two polarizing filters that arrange the colors between transparent electrodes. These monitors are famous for high resolution and light weight. These have larger displays than CRT monitors. These also consume less electricity than CRT monitors. These monitors are also of two kinds depending on the type of matrix being used in them. Some have active matrix which shows more clear images while the others have passive matrix. Due to their less electricity consumption, these monitors can be used on batteries. This is why these monitors are largely being used in laptops.

3-LED Monitors

These are the latest monitors that use light emitting diode technology for showing more clear images. These are more efficient than both CRT and LCD monitors because these use a lot lesser energy. These may have either flat panels or curved displays. Due to more contrasts, these monitors present real life colors. These are also more efficient as these releases less heat as compared to other monitors. There is no danger in disposing of these monitors. These are more costly and durable than CRT and LCD monitors.

3-Touch Screen Monitors

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The increasing use of touch screen technology has also shown its impact in manufacture of monitors. The touch screen monitors are becoming common with every passing day. These are even more costly but give accurate response on touching. All the companies are now using touch screen monitors with large displays. These are also disliked by someone because certain tasks are impossible to do without keyboard and mouse. These are also efficient in the consumption of electricity and can be run on battery.
There are also some other kinds of monitors that are being used all across the planet. OLED Monitors are the most important of these.